• Be Prepared For 2024 Heatwave

    Be Prepared For 2024 Heatwave

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    Remember the 40°C Heat Wave 2022 & 2023

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    10% Off all orders before 31st March 2024
    + Free First Year Maintenance Contract

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Air Conditioning Contractor | Campbell & Law Building Services Ltd

Air Conditioning Services

An air conditioning system must be effectively maintained to ensure it operates efficiently, reliably and is compliant to regulations.

At Campbell and Law Building Services air conditioning maintenance service includes three key elements:

Element 1: Performance Analysis:

Performance analysis is undertaken to determine in detail how the air conditioning system is performing.  An engineer will analyse the performance data to identify any inefficiencies, faults, potential faults and deviating operating parameters.

Element 2: Implement Optimisation Improvements:

Implementation of all optimisation improvements to ensure optimum efficiency.  Repair of all faults and developing faults is undertaken and the air conditioning system recommissioned to operate to the current required parameters.

Element 3: Compliance:

Complete all improvements and record all changes to meet regulatory compliance.

Showroom Air Conditioning Systems & Maintenance
Air Conditioning Rooftop Installation Towers London City

Air Conditioning Design & Installation

Campbell and Law Building Services project team are experienced and capable of undertaking all types of air conditioning designs and installations.

Whether an additional air conditioning system is required or a chiller needs replacing, we are ready to deliver.

Our in-house design team will provide alternative options and advice before a final selection is made.  Where free cooling and heating recovery options are suitable we would provide free designs. Our team will manage the project right from design stage, the installation and through to final commissioning before handing over the project to the customer and our maintenance team.

The air conditioning maintenance engineer would be consulted when commissioning takes place to ensure any new system or chiller is set up correctly to the buildings requirements.

Types of Air Conditioning:

                Air cooled Chillers

                Water cooled Chillers

                Screw Chillers

                Absorption Chillers

                VRV & VRF Systems

                Splits and Multi-splits

                Fan Coils

Air Conditioning Rooftop Maintenance - City Multi